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Tableau Towbars are your specialists for towbars, trailers, accessories such as bike and
wheelchair carriers and other Light Engineering requirements.

Custom Built trailers to suit your needs. We can consult with you to create a trailer to meet any unique requirement you might have. Simply fill out our quote request form and we’ll get back to you to start discussing your project.

Our range of Accessories includes Bike Racks, Wheelchair Carriers, Bike Stands, Steel Picnic tables (in great kid-friendly sizes!), Gazebo Frames, Trailer Guards, Gates, Contractor Fences, Backing Mates, Stock Pens

"The trailer for our 24’ pleasure craft broke a spring on both sides of the leading axle of a tandem set during late November. Extensive inquiries around Auckland failed to find an engineer that could do the job until January or February. Upon informing Tableau Towbars and Trailers of our plight and with Christmas but 4 weeks away, I asked if they could handle the repair job before then. Damage unseen they said they could. We arranged for the trailer to be transported down from Auckland, arriving around the 14th December. Rowans’ report was that it would require new springs. The job was completed plus some new pins for rollers, replacement jockey wheel and ready for a W.O.F inspection on Friday 15th December.

The job was done very speedily but more importantly we asked for some wheel rims to be modified to accommodate tapered wheel nuts but being a true professional, Rowan advised he could not without a qualified Engineers certificate saying the modification was suitable for the trailer.

Rowan is a true professional, he gave qualified advice without compromising his professional prowess, his work timelines can be relied on and as can his workmanship. I have no hesitation in recommending Rowan and his team for any Engineering work".

Evan Jennings
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Closed Friday 22nd December 3pm to Sunday 7th January 5pm.

Re-open Monday 8th January 2024.

Many Thanks & Lots Of Season Greetings To You And Family